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About Start Here! Fundamentals of Microsoft .NET Programming by Rod Stephens

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up this book. I thought I would be reading more about programming in the .NET Framework, but this turned out to be about the most basic of programming books I’ve ever picked up. It only took me about…oh, maybe 5 hours total to read this book.

For a programmer just starting out in .NET, this would be an ideal book to read. The book touches on the very basic principles and best practices for programming (in general) with little splashes of .NET development thrown in. In fact, it is not until the very last chapter that the .NET Framework is even discussed.

A computer is not needed to read this book. I like to work through dev books by trying what’s discussed in the book as I read through it. This book however does not have examples to work through, but does give bits of C# and VB code to help explain the topic a little bit.

Even with that said, I still enjoyed the book. It was an easy read to spend time on during a recent travel excursion.

In my next posting, I’ll walk through some of the topics discussed in the book for the newbies and anyone looking for a refresher on basic programming skills.


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