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I’ve recently been asked to develop a solution for sending bulk and transactional emails using either SendGrid or ConstantContact APIs. AND I have to get it implemented by August 1, 2012!!!

Since I have not actually developed any real-world solutions in VS2010 yet and I don’t really have anyone to talk to (I’m the only developer here), I thought I should try to find something online that will help me out. (At this time, I really wished I had finished those books I started earlier!)

My first thoughts…

Do I write a Desktop App? Do I write a Web App? How do I get started?

The business doesn’t really know what they want. Requirements state “front-end application that allows business users the ability to create new campaigns”. If I write a Desktop App, they will only be able to access if they have the app installed on their PC or can access a PC with the app installed. We have a lot of users who work offsite, and some even use personal PCs. So at this time, I’m thinking…Web App.

Now to find some help on creating Web App to send emails, I do a few searches and come across random blog posts about SendGrid and ConstantContact. At some point in the search I find a blog posting where someone references a tutorial on MVC3.

MVC…hmm…it’s very similar to something I used in the past called Castle Monorail (VS2005 and .net 2.0).

So I decide to get started on this tutorial I found on MVC3.


I’ve just finished the first chapter and I have to say this is a great tutorial so far. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn MVC3 who has never used MVC in the past should try out this tutorial.

I hope I can get through the rest of the chapters quickly and be able to start on this application.

If anyone out there has any suggestions on using SendGrid or ConstantContact, please shoot me a message…I think I’ll be using SendGrid but may have to use ConstantContact for a lower cost solution.


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